Our Services

Home performance assessment

Do you want to improve the comfort of your home, reduce your running cost and environmental footprint? We can assess your home and help you ensure your spending your money in a way that gets you the biggest return on investment. For example:

  • Upgrades that increase energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Ways to improve water efficiency and storm water management
  • Tools to minimise your household waste
  • Smart technologies that help you manage your home and usage from anywhere

This service involves:

(1) An initial meeting with you in your home so we can discuss and understand what is important to you and to conduct a home assessment

(2) A detailed report that outlines a list of prioritised recommendations so you can upgrade at your own pace as well as referrals of trusted trades and products where possible  

Price: $495.00 (Including GST)

*Our services are only available in Melbourne Metropolitan areas







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