Our Services


Where will profits for these services go?

85% will be invested in green companies and start-ups who are helping the world transition towards renewable energy 

15% will go towards solar installation in local schools and community places 



green my home consulting

Have a budget to green your home or make it smarter? We can assess your home and help you ensure your spending your money in a way that gets you the biggest bang for buck. Eg.

  • Simple and cost effective ways to moderate the temperature and reduce the cost of running  your home
  • Smart technologies that help you manage your home from anywhere
  • Setting up your kitchen to encourage better waste management

This service involves understanding your personal objectives, physical home assessment and a report that outlines a list of prioritised ideas & options. You can upgrade at your own pace!

Sustainable build coach

Thinking about building or renovating your new home but don't know where to start? We'd love to help you! Having someone you can trust and who wants to see you achieve your goals will help you make the best decisions when designing and building your future home. We aim to help you reduce the risk of costly decisions and to overcome challenges you face along the way. 

We can help you achieve your sustainable project including; 

  • Preparing your design brief
  • Working with your designer, builder, trades and materials
  • Overcome challenges during design or construction
  • Options analysis on sustainable investments including financial and non-financial comparisons and a recommendation
  • Help you understand passive design principles, sustainable features and technology  





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    *Note that all our services are only available in Melbourne metropolitan areas.